GKD Technologies is a leading provider of systems designed for safeguarding personnel and machines. GKD Technologies, based in the UK, have been supplying such systems for over 25 years. 

GKD Technologies is the market leader in Road Rail Vehicle (RRV) electronic safety systems, supplying systems worldwide. 

The construction industry has been a key market for the past two decades; where we offer systems such as overload warning, height limiting, slew limiting and other motion control products.

More recently GKD Technologies have developed Proximity Warning Systems. These systems are designed as an aid to safety through avoiding machine to personnel collision, or protecting valuable assets from collision. SensorZone, is the market leading proximity warning system in the UK.

GKD Technologies designed and manufactured systems are sold internationally via our network of dealers and distributors.


GKD is proud to have be accredited to ISO9001 since 2008. We are accredited to ISO9001:2015 and embed the standard in everything we do. Our quality policy is available from the link below. 


GKD Technologies have a growing network across the world. With increasing interest in safety systems GKD Technologies are looking for companies who would be interested in becoming a certified distributor for our SensorZone and SensorSafe product ranges. For more information click here to contact the GKD Technologies head office.


With a growing global presence GKD Technologies is always looking to build our team with committed, talented and skilled individuals. 

GKD Technologies is an exciting and vibrant place to work. We have a philosophy of continual innovation, both in our products and the way we serve our customers.

We have a dedicated team of employees who work together, supporting and encouraging one another. 

GKD Technologies are committed to continual training and development in order to continue to provide the first class products and service that GKD Technologies have built their reputation on for over the last 25 years. 

If you would like to know more please contact us now.